You walk into LIME SPRINGS. Outside  the firehall, you notice a large wooden EAR OF CORN that appears to have been carved out of a fallen tree trunk, probably with a chainsaw. A sign chained to it reads “LARGEST EAR OF CORN IN THE AREA. SWEET CORN DAY AUG 17.” 

You continue toward what appears to be LIME SPRINGS’s main street. Most of the buildings are boarded up. The un-boarded buildings are dark, except for one, its windows flickering with amber light. Laughter and music can be heard faintly from inside. A handful of motorcycles, muddy pickup trucks, and a gaggle of bicycles loaded with packs are parked out front. There is no visible signage on the building.

Could this be the DAM BAR? What do you do?

Go in the BUILDING
Go back to the GRAIN ELEVATOR