You uncap the MAGIC TOOTHPASTE, squeeze a dollop onto the bristles of the PRAIRIE CLAMOR • THE TOOTHBRUSH, and start to brush. The taste isn’t as “REGULAR” as you expected. It reminds you of the purple NECCO WAFERS you used to get from your GRANDPARENTS. Clove flavor maybe?

“Repeat after me,” says WILL.

“I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with DRAGONS in a land apart!” interjects OTTO.

“Dammit, OTTO!” laughs WILL, jabbing OTTO with his elbow. “Also, I always thought they were saying ‘a land of art.’”

“Don’t repeat that,” PETER says, though you gathered as much.

His face sobered again, WILL turns back to you. “Remember, when it happens, when you see the things that you’re about to see, you MUST follow their instructions, exactly as you’re told, and never waver.”

You nod.

“Repeat after me,” WILL continues. “NIMBYs get owned! Send me back home!

You begin to repeat the phrase, which is, you notice a rather awkward thing to do whilst actively brushing. 


The moment you say the first word, a powerful WIND begins to blow, shaking the GRAIN ELEVATOR. The FOG swirls faster.

“...get owned!“

With each word, the GALE’s power increases, shaking the entire GRAIN ELEVATOR. OTTO, PETER, and WILL lose their footing, grasping the railings for stability. Somehow, the powerful WIND doesn’t seem to affect you. Looking up, you see what you imagine it’d look like to stand in the middle of a tornado. The WIND howls.  

“Send me back home!”

WHITE LIGHT burns from above. Your knees buckle; you feel yourself losing consciousness. But instead of toppling over, you feel your feet rise from the metal deck atop the GRAIN ELEVATOR. Through the LIGHT and GALE, you see tears running down OTTO and WILL’s faces. PETER squints and offers a small wave. Toothpaste dribbles down your chin as you are engulfed in LIGHT.

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