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Prairie Clamor Information

TL;DR: Prairie Clamor is a band that does their best to make pop music!
Location: Dakota land, MN, USA.

What is Prairie Clamor?

Prairie Clamor was created by Will Bjorndal in 2017 as a fictitious band from Austin, MN. Since then, Prairie Clamor has become a lot less fictitious, releasing three studio albums, touring the U.S., and visiting both the highest and second-highest natural points in Iowa. Nice! Through what (legendary) rock critic Byron Coley apty described as large scale pop moves,¹ Prairie Clamor aims to find hope in the face of ever-increasing awfulness.

Prairie Clamor live in Minneapolis, MN. The band performs regularly in the Twin Cities and hits the road from time to time. Performance locales have included nightclubs, gardens, alleys, gutted church basements, living rooms, bars, dorm common rooms, and parking lots. For upcoming show info, head over to the “performance” page.

If you’re a social media user, you’re gonna want to SMASH the follow button on Prairie Clamor’s instagram page and/or facebook page.  

Who is Prairie Clamor?
From 2017 through 2021, Prairie Clamor was basically just Will Bjorndal with occasional contributions from Peter Bjorndal and others. Since 2022, Will has been joined by the Prairie Clamorchestra, which currently consists of:

Rosie Rossi - drums, percussion, mad skillz
Sydney Reuter - bass guitar, treats
Otto Kowalski - 'lectric guitar, harmonica, frogs
Peter Bjorndal - lasers, guitar, synthesizer, design, mischief
Will Bjorndal - guitar, email typing, everything else

Prairie Clamorchestra Adjunct Associate:
Lizz Caicedo - lasers, cleverness (as part of Friendly Puppy Music Artist-in-Residence Programme)
Will Bjorndal!
Rosie Rossi!
Sydney Reuter!
Otto Kowalski!
Peter Bjorndal!

Here are some photos of Prairie Clamor! By either Thomas Slipsager or Peter Bjorndal! Mostly!


Will creates also original kids’ music under the moniker Will Sings Songs! More info at!

Prairie Clamor has been featured in WIRE magazine, City Pages (RIP), and those music blogs that your cool nephew reads.

Prairie Clamor has been heard on ultra-cool radio stations like WFMU, KMSU, KUOM, KFAI, WMCN, KRUI, WSUM, and KXSF, among others.

Speaking of radio, Will hosts a weekly radio show called “Meow Meow with Occasional Music” on KMSU. Wendesdays at 6pm CST!

Several members of Prairie Clamor have met MN legend Fancy Ray in person. He really is the best looking man in comedy!

Prairie Clamor releases their music on Friendly Puppy Music, a label run by Peter & Will Bjorndal. Nice!

If you need help identifying or appraising your marble collection, you really need to talk to Otto.

While camping on tour in Ohio, Peter saw a skunk.

You can send Prairie Clamor an email: prairieclamor [at] gmail [dot] com  

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1. Byron Coley, “Prairie Clamor - True Songs,” The Wire Magazine, August 2022.