As you lean in to smell the single MUSK MELON, a HEAVY RAIN begins to fall.  

You huddle beneath the umbrella. But after several minutes, water begins to drip through its aged fabric. You pick up the MUSK MELON to make room for yourself atop the STAND. You scoot toward the umbrella pole where there seem to be fewer drips.

The CONSTRUCTION ZONE to the NORTH is a mess. The torn-out road has been reduced to a river of mud. But what’s that in the distance? Through the rain, you can see the insect-like shape of a ROAD GRADER approaching. Slowly, it makes its way through the CONSTRUCTION ZONE and pulls into the PARKING LOT, directly in front of the PRODUCE STAND.

The door to the GRADER cab flings open, the BLADE OPERATOR steps out, and jumps slightly when they see you sitting on top of the stand.

“Cripes! I didn’t see you there! Hard to see anything while driving in this dang rain!” says the BLADE OPERATOR, eyes searching the PRODUCE STAND. “Say, is that the last MUSK MELON?”