Boldly, you step into the middle of the FAIRY DANCE PIT just as the POWER METAL song reaches its climax. 

The music grinds to a halt. Silence. Dozens of FAIRY and WOODLAND ANIMAL eyes meet yours. But soft! The HEAD FAIRY floats down from the treetops, leaving a trail of glitter and confetti in their wake. Landing atop a tuft of SPHAGNUM MOSS, they speak:

“You, human, have crashed our dance party without an invitation! Tisk tisk! That is one big ol’ FAIRY FAUX PAS. For this, you are CURSED to dance with us for the rest of pathetic mortal life!”

Involuntarily, you bust a move. And another move. And another move. You never stop busting moves. That is, until you eventually DIE dozens of years later.

Thankfully, you’re a pretty big POWER METAL fan, so it’s not like the rest of your life was so bad. There are WAY worse ways to go; anything beats grain entrapment.

(better try again?)