You take a bite out of the freshly harvested RUTABAGA. You didn’t wash it beforehand, so you also ingest a small amount of SOIL. The taste is EXQUISITE, but given the RUTABAGA’s size and FIRMNESS, you decide that this particular vegetable isn’t suited to be eaten like an apple. 

Looking up from your PARTIALLY EATEN RUTABAGA, you realize that this particular RUTABAGA PILE is likely a RUTABAGA FARMER’S crop, and that said RUTABAGA FARMER may be relying upon these RUTABAGAS for much of their income, which probably isn’t incredibly high, considering the general lack of federal RUTABAGA SUBSIDIES. You make mental note to email your REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS to lobby for INCREASED SUBSIDIES for RUTABAGA PRODUCTION in the next iteration of the FARM BILL.

Guiltily, you toss the PARTIALLY-EATEN RUTABAGA aside. Another rumble of thunder to the SOUTHWEST. What do you do?

Climb PILE