You exhale deeply, then tell OTTO about the CURSED LINK, the AGRICULTURAL FIELD, and the BLADE OPERATOR.

When you finish your story, you notice that OTTO’s grin has been replaced with a look of worry and concern.

“Are you saying that you’re...” OTTO leans in close to you and whispers. “From CYBERSPACE?” A smile creeps back onto OTTO’s face.

You whisper back. “Um, I guess so...?”

“One second!” OTTO springs up and, with a bounce, walks around the table to the GUITAR TINKERERS.

After sharing a few words, Otto and the GUITAR TINKERERS walk over to talk to you. You stand up to meet them. OTTO still looks chipper, but the other two appear rather grim. The shorter TINKERER has shaggy hair and wears a ragged pink tee featuring an illustration of a bagel. The taller TINKERER has short hair and a black shirt that reads “SPECTRASONICS.” Both could use a shave.

“This is WILL,” says OTTO, gesturing to the shorter of the two GUITAR TINKERERS. “And this here is my man PEDRO,” continues OTTO, putting his arm around the taller TINKERER.

“I’m PETER.” Says PETER, overriding OTTO’s introduction.

WILL steps toward you carefully. “Did you click... a CURSED LINK?”

“I did. Do you know something about the CURSED LINK?” you ask.

PETER and WILL exchange a look whose meaning you can’t decipher.

“What we know is how to send you home,” says WILL. “Follow us.”