“I’ve heard such great things about the SNACK MIX,” you say.

“Oh yeah, people go bananas for that crap. Honestly, I think the SNACK MIX is the only reason we’re still open. People can’t get enough of it.”

You take a look at the bowl of SNACK MIX. It looks someone took a bag of GARDETTO’S, mixed it with a bag of CHEX MIX, and sprinkled it all with some kind of herb-y seasoning. You haven’t tired it yet, mostly because you haven’t noticed any bowls, little paper boats, or any other sort of receptacle on which to receive MIX, and you don’t want to stick your hand directly into the bowl, which seems unsanitary.

“But,” continues COACH, leaning in closer now, “I think the SNACK MIX is also gonna be what puts us outta business. We don’t charge for it, and we go through so much that it’s gotten to be a big drain on our finances.”

You’re skeptical that a few bowls of SNACK MIX could really make that much of a dent on the BAR’s bottom line, but you haven’t seen the books, so who are you to say?

“But really, why are you here?” asks COACH suddenly.

What do you say?

“I’m trying to find my way home.”
“Could I use your phone?”