Shamefully, you descend the LADDER to the base of the GRAIN ELEVATOR. And who do you find at the bottom? Why, it’s none other than the BLADE OPERATOR, now in the cab of a baby blue ford pickup truck that, if you had to guess, appears to be from the 1970s.

“Whoa! You gotta be careful!” says the BLADE OPERATOR as you approach up to the truck. “Haven’t  you heard of GRAIN ENTRAPMENT?”

The BLADE OPERATOR glares at you disapprovingly and you say nothing.

The anger dissolves from the BLADE OPERATOR’s face. “Oh hell. Forget this ever happened. I won’t tell anyone you were up there. Just don’t pull that shite again. Look, I drove back into town to make sure you made it down to the DAM BAR alright. Hop in and I’ll give you a ride down there.”

What do you do?

Hop in the pickup
Decline ride and walk to DAM BAR