You walk over towards the four DART PLAYERS. When they see you approach, they smile and beckon you to join them.

“Wanna take a toss?” asks a DART-playing woman wearing a black BANDANA that reads “DISCOVER AUSTIN, MN.”

You’ve never really played DARTS before, but why not give it a whirl?

You’re handed a few plastic-tipped DARTS. Your first throw isn’t too bad, landing fairly close to the bull’s eye. Your second throw barely makes it onto the DART BOARD, and your third weakly hits the wall between the two DART BOARDS. 

“Beginner’s luck!” exclaims one of the other leather-clad DART PLAYERS. You can’t tell if they’re serious or if they’re kidding.

“Hey, do any of you have a phone I could use?” you ask sheepishly.

“For sure!” responds the BANDANA LADY, reaching into the pocket of her CHAPS.

She hands you her phone, and as you stare at its cracked screen, you realize that you can’t think of any phone numbers to call. Either you’re young enough to have never needed to memorize phone numbers, or the CURSE erased every phone number from your membory. Whichever is applicable to you. Either way, you have no idea who to call.

“And sorry, I’m out of data,” adds BANDANA LADY. “I was watching the new season of CAMPING WITH STEVE and didn’t realize the WIFI was out at my house.” Goodness knows the DAM BAR doesn’t have a WIFI connection. You are, as they say, S.O.L.

“Thanks, I guess I’m good,” you say, handing the phone back.

“No poblano!” Says the woman, who turns to return to the DART GAME.

You turn to face the room. You can see OTTO grinning and using both hands to point to a vacant chair at the CYCLISTS’ table.

Whaddya gonna do?

Talk to the CYCLISTS
Talk to the FAMILY FEUD Viewers