“Come sit at our table! Do you like CRABBAGE?” asks OTTO.

“CRABBAGE?” you reply as you take a vacant seat next to OTTO at the CYCLISTS’ table.

“Or as  some people call it, CRIBBAGE.” Says one of the CRIBBAGE  PLAYERS flatly, without looking up from her hand.

“No need to be crabby about it, ROSIE.” says OTTO with a grin.  Coolly, he reclines in his chair and turns back to you. “What brings you to this DARN BAR tonight?”

You look around the table. Two tall, slender people are slumped in their chairs, baseball caps pulled over their heads, snoozing. A disinterested-looking person wrapped in a black hoodie works intently on her KNITTING.  The three CRIBBAGE players are focused on their game. Two more CYCLISTS are tinkering with an ELECTRIC GUTIAR.

OTTO is still smiling at you, waiting for an answer. “I hope I didn’t make you clam up!” he says.

What do you say?

“I was hoping to play some CRIBBAGE!”
“What brings YOU to this DARN BAR tonight, OTTO?”
“Actually, I need to talk to the DART PLAYERS over there...”
“I was hoping to watch some FAMILY FEUD, we’ll talk later!”
“It all started when I woke up in an AGRICULTURAL FIELD...”