“I was hoping to play some CRIBBAGE tonight,” you say.

“You’re in luck!” replies OTTO, with relish. “We’ve been hoping to get one more person in on our CRABBAGE tournament!”

“Actually, I think we’re headed out to the campsite after this game is over, OTTO.” Replies a CRIBBAGE PLAYER with noticeably well-groomed facial hair and a tidy blonde bob. Maybe these people actually do shower regularly.

“Maybe you are, ROSS. But for some of us, this DAM party is just getting started!” quips OTTO. “ROSIE’s about to SKUNK you and TAYLOR anyway.”

TAYLOR looks up from behind his hand of cards and smiles meekly.

“...fifteen six, fifteen eight, and a double run of four gives me eighteen.” says ROSIE triumphantly, ignoring the conversation. She moves her pegs on the CRIBBAGE BOARD, which you notice is shaped like an ear of corn.

“That’s the only CRABBAGE board in here. I reckon we’ll have to wait for them to finish.” says OTTO. “In the meantime, you never told me what in the heck it is you’re doin’ here!”

What do you say?  

“What brings YOU to this DARN BAR tonight, OTTO?”
“Actually, I need to talk to the DART PLAYERS over there...”
“I was hoping to watch some FAMILY FEUD, we’ll talk later!”
“It all started when I woke up in an AGRICULTURAL FIELD...”