“What are YOU doing at this DARN BAR, OTTO?” you ask.

“Why, I’m on tour with this here rock and roll band!” Says OTTO, pointing around the table with the stem of an empty GRAIN BELT PREMIUM bottle. “We’re biking from one city to the next, bringing our crabulous  music to the pretty people of Minnesnowta, Ioway, and Illinoise. We’re camping out by the LIDTKE MILL tonight, then we’re back on the road tomorrow.

“Wow, that’s so cool!” you say, in contrast with your thoughts. Punk rock types? Best to be careful around this crew. These people probably haven’t showered in weeks. 

Yet, there’s something intriguing about these CYCLISTS. Something familiar. But you can’t put your finger on it. You wrack your brain for a memory, but nothing surfaces.

“We’ve put in some long-arse days on the road.” continues OTTO. “Not all of us are used to touring, let alone by bike. So we’re here for a little R&R tonight. We didn’t really need to take our route through LIME SPRINGS, but WILL insisted. He said he’d been obsessed with tasting this place’s SNACK MIX again.

“But enough about us. What about you?” OTTO asks.

“I was hoping to play some CRIBBAGE!”
“Actually, I need to talk to the DART PLAYERS over there...”
“I was hoping to watch some FAMILY FEUD, we’ll talk later!”
“It all started when I woke up in an AGRICULTURAL FIELD...”