The rain lets up slightly as you see the insect shape of a ROAD GRADER approaching from the WEST. You run into the road, getting the attention of the BLADE OPERATOR, who flings open the door to the GRADER’s cab just as the rain begins to pound once again.

“What the heck are you doing out here?” The BLADE OPERATOR yells through the deluge, waving you into the cab.

“I don’t really know,” you say as you scramble into the cab. “I just... kinda woke up in an AGRICULTURAL FIELD.”

“We all party a little too hard sometimes,” the BLADE OPERATOR  says with an empathetic nod. “Just think about checking the forecast before your next shindig.” 

“Will do,” you say weakly, water dripping down your nose.

The BLADE OPERATOR looks to the NORTH. “Cripes, look at that bridge. I can’t wait to hear the excuses at the next DRAINAGE AUTHORITY meeting.”

You sit silently, soaked and shivering.

“Oh lord, look at you.” The BLADE OPERATOR says softly. They reach behind the seat, pull out a green WOOL BLANKET, and drape it over your shoulders. “How about I give you a ride into  town?”

“That’d be great. Thanks so much,” you say with relief.

The BLADE OPERATOR pushes a blue cassette tape into a dusty yellow DeWALT boombox ziptied to the dashboard.  Over a bed of swirling synthesizers, a voice sings: spit in the water, not sure why...

“Let’s roll,” says the BLADE OPERATOR.”

And so you ROLL.