Rain continues to fall as you cross the bridge and follow the road up a steep hill. When you reach the top, you glance back to the NORTH. The bridge you crossed minutes before is now covered with churning WATER. I guess you can’t go back that way. Not safely anyway...

Lightning strikes so close that the ground shakes.

...and you’re standing atop a treeless hill in an electrical storm. Unwise! Looking around for shelter, you see a large wooden sign with a small overhang. You make a dash for the sign, whose sun-faded display features illustrations of grassland plants and animals.

Crouching beneath the sign, you wrack your brain: what exactly is one supposed to do in an electrical storm? Hide in a ditch and cover your neck? Or was that for tornadoes? You look at the ditch across the road, full of gurgling water the color of chocolate milk. Well, that’s off the table anyway, you think to yourself. Was lightning safety covered in middle school health class? You weren’t paying attention, probably playing SNOOD on your calculator. If ANDY hadn’t shown everyone how to install games onto their TI-89s, the collective GPA of your class would have been several points higher.

Worried, cold, and wet, you crouch beneath the sign for what feels like an hour, but could have been ten minutes for all you know. 

What do you do?

Look to the WEST