Just as raindrops start to fall, a ROAD GRADER appears on the WESTERN horizon. As it approaches, you manage to get the attention of the BLADE OPERATOR, who opens the door to the GRADER’s cab just as torrential rains arrive. 

You scramble into the cab. On the floor is the rind of a halved MUSK MELON, its glorious aroma still fresh in the air.

“What the heck are you doing out here?” The BLADE OPERATOR asks.

“I don’t really know... I just kinda woke up in that AGRICULTURAL FIELD over there,” you say, gesturing vaguely to the NORTH NORTHWEST.

“We all party a little too hard sometimes,” the BLADE OPERATOR  says with an empathetic nod. “I can give you a ride into  town if you like.”

“That’d be great. Thank you so much!” you say with relief.

“Let’s roll,” says the BLADE OPERATOR.

And so you ROLL.